EANX Diver or Adv. EANx Instructor

Divers Instructor EANx or Adv.EANx

The course gives the opportunity to Open Water Instructors to become an EANx or Adv.EANx instructor.

Training includes, how to teach IANTD EANx Diver or Adv.EANx Diver courses, in theoretical level and water skills. 

At the end of the course the instructor will be able to teach EANx Diver or Adv.EANx Diver courses.



- Certified as OW, First Aid,O2 Administrator instructor, plus 

EANx or Adv.EANx as a diver.

- Logged 100 dives, 15 from 27m-39m plus 15 with Nitrox.

- Participation in an OWD, an AOWD and EANx or Adv.EANx course.

- 18 years old.                      


Cost: Contact me for more information